The floors, ceilings and wood panelling of the house, as well as the doors inside the respective apartments are originals. They were removed from the old Veidler house, restored and reused in house VITUS, so the oldest timber implemented dates as far back as 1531. Beds and tables are made out of wood saved from the original farm’s barn.

The doors of the front entrances (made out of larch), as well as entrance doors for the apartments (made out of spruce) were made by a local carpenter and are designed to be thermally and acoustically insulated.
The walls are made out of humidity regulating clay that increases the homey feeling inside the apartments.

Shielded cables are used for all electric and light installations, which makes the house suitable to electrohypersensitve/electro-sensitive guests by reducing electrosmog.

Building Biology

At the beginning of this project, we decided to remain as true as possible to the original building materials, even during constructions. A challenge for our constructors, seeing as we opposed the use of polyurethane foam.

According to this maxim, the entire house was insulated by using traditional materials such as wool, wood shavings, wood fibre, felt, flax and a rediscovered insulating material: a combination of chalk and hemp.

Another maxim was “no polluted wood”! This meant that no OSB & MDF boards, no cross- or glue laminated timber, any chipboards, lumber-core plywood or panels were used in our house. We built exclusively with pure wood, saved from the original farm buildings.

Working with 500 year old timber was a fascinating and exiting challenge!

Extraordinary good electromagnetic radiation

Deep in the Gsieser Valley the quantity of electromagnetic radiation and radio signals of any kind (electrosmog) is very low – there are no high voltage lines or mobile phone masts in this area. To make full use of those rare preconditions and to create an particularly low-radiation living environment the planning of all the electrical installations was of great importance.
Famous building biologists and (electrical) radiology technicians helped to reach our goal. There where chosen harmless and grounded light sources, isolated cables and lines, special electrical switches etc.

The success exceeded our highest expectations. You can gather the extremely low electromagnetic radiation results from the measurement report in each room.

To support your wellbeing we chose to go without wireless data transmission (Wi-Fi) – we recommend you to not use the Internet or any kind of digital and social media during your stay. Anyway, there are Ethernet plugs (RJ 45) in every apartment if you need to go online for professional or private reasons. In that case we ask you to take the right technical equipment with you. Devices without cable or rather wireless devices have at our place vacation as well.

We took those measures to offer you an area that is perfectly suited to help you to recover from any kind of stress.
We are proud, that we can offer you this rare “luxury”!